It started with a need for a desk

All I wanted was a desk for my office, just a desk.  Instead I needed up going down a new path towards woodworking the old fashioned way with only hand tools.  Huh?

Let me explain, I currently use an old parsons table (very old) as a desk in my office at home.  It’s long and deep enough, but too tall and the reason it is too tall is because each leg sits on 2 books.


Why you ask?

Because I almost broke my knee caps went I first sat down and scooted my chair in.  The table’s apron is too low and my knees rammed into it. (OUCH!!)

So after some complaining and whining on my part, my lovely wife went looking for desks (mainly so she wouldn’t have to listen to me bitch) and she found this desk at crate and barrel.

Not Bad, a couple of drawers, seems like it is semi hand made.  The dovetails definitely don’t seem to be machine made.  See if you can see the difference between the left and front of the drawer sides.  No self respecting machine would do that on purpose.

And it has a neat book shelf that is made into the back of the desk.

What I didn’t like was the price – $1600!! yikes. Surely, I couple build something cheaper and better. (How often have we all said that….).

This blog is my journey to build a desk, so I could finish my novel and save a few bucks. Enjoy.

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