A fellow woodworker in Central Texas.

I was perusing craigslist for anyone selling wood here in central texas and came across an add in Georgetown, Texas about 30 mins from my house. I contacted the poster and make arrangements to meet him on the next Saturday. As luck would have it, I had rented a uhaul truck to help my daughter move into her apartment in Dallas. So my wife and I drove the truck up to Georgetown to see if there was anything worth bringing home that I could afford.

While wandering around his property I couldn’t help but take a few photos.  The one below shows the workbench he built.  A friend of his built the drawers that sit underneath.


We started talking about mallets and he brought out a few that he used.

The one below is make out of Texas Ebony.

Speaking of Texas Ebony here is the last piece that he has, and no I didn’t ask if it was for sale. Frankly I knew I couldn’t afford it even if it was.




Anyways, Bill has more wood then he knows what to do with, but he also knows the value.  I ended up getting three (3) live edge slabs of Pistachio for my desk project.   He is a heavy power tool user and has some real nice expensive machines.  I admire them but realize I will never be able to afford them so I’ll will take the alternate path of hand tools instead.  Let’s see: Expensive tools or expensive wood?  I will stick with the wood.


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