Jackpot at a Garage Sale

What a weekend, a family down the street from my house decided to have a garage sale on Sunday starting at 9, so my wife and I sautered down to see if there were any deals to be had.  What a difference from the estate sale yesterday!  Nice people, opened on time, no ridiculous hyper… Continue reading Jackpot at a Garage Sale

Cleaning up the Estate sale items

I also picked up two stanley planes for use in the shop. and put the grinding stand back together after giving it a good clean. Doesn't look to bad now.

Estate Sale Find

My wife and I went to an "estate sale" in Cedar Park, tx that started at 8am on Saturday. We arrived shortly before 7am and texted the seller based on a sign she left out front. For the next 90 minutes we waited in line while she kept coming to the door and telling us… Continue reading Estate Sale Find

Making Mallets

Well actually, it is a making a mallet to be precise.  As part of my journey into using hand tools - I decided to make my own joiners mallet.  The english joiners mallet that Paul Sellers teaches you how to make became my inspiration.  While mine is not an exact replica of his it is… Continue reading Making Mallets