Making Mallets

Well actually, it is a making a mallet to be precise.  As part of my journey into using hand tools – I decided to make my own joiners mallet.  The english joiners mallet that Paul Sellers teaches you how to make became my inspiration.  While mine is not an exact replica of his it is close and works superbly if I don’t say so myself.  The head is constructed out of ‘Bodark’ also known as ‘Osage orange” and ‘horny Maclura Pomifera’  – its scientific name.  The handle is made out of Ash – the same wood they use fore baseball bats and worked perfectly.  You can tell I didn’t turn it on a lathe, not having saw to that.

After a day of looking at I decided that where the handle exited the top of mallet was very neat, so I scrambled to find some small slivers of wood that I thought would compliment the mallet.  I found a couple pieces of ‘ipe’  and that seems to work.


I added the ipe pieces around the ash handle and sanded it flush.  Still learning how to use those chisels.  Overall the mallet is solid in your hand heavy but not too much so.  But it works a treat.  Until next time.

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