Estate Sale Find

My wife and I went to an “estate sale” in Cedar Park, tx that started at 8am on Saturday. We arrived shortly before 7am and texted the seller based on a sign she left out front. For the next 90 minutes we waited in line while she kept coming to the door and telling us 15 more minutes. The indians were getting restless but being stubborn I wasn’t leaving considering the only reason I was there because of all of the tools for sale. And there were a lot of tools. Disappointedly several of the items that I came to see were already gone when we got there. Turns out she pre-sold them to clients earlier in the week. (frown). But all was not lost as I found a few diamonds in the rough that made it worthwhile. One was a table on a metal stand with a wheel that connected to a belt drive motor. It was dirty and I got it and a stand with a motor on it for $20.

Turns out the wood was cherry and nice cherry at that and after cleaning it up, I haven’t brought myself to use it for anything.  The grinding stand and belt driven grinder are shown below in the next two photos.

But the buy of the day was this under bench vise that was brand new, open in the original box for $17.  Couldn’t pass that up as it is considerably larger than the one that I have attached to my in progress workbench.  Frankly this one is cheaper than the one I bought brand new at the big box store!

I also picked up a plastic tub of clamps and vises, including a drill vise, mitre clamps and others for $20.  Let the big ticket items go to the others.

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