Jackpot at a Garage Sale

What a weekend, a family down the street from my house decided to have a garage sale on Sunday starting at 9, so my wife and I sautered down to see if there were any deals to be had.  What a difference from the estate sale yesterday!  Nice people, opened on time, no ridiculous hyper inflated (but the internet says it’s worth…) prices.  Just three daughters selling off their dad’s’ belongings as they had to move him into a nursing home.  I picked a saw, chisels and clamps.  But the jackpot was a drill press!  Now I can drill those holes straight for when it counts!

Built in Taiwan in 1979 this is one heavy duty drill press, cheaper than the new smaller ones for sale.  Belt driven and cast iron and it is a beast.  But has a table that moves up and down and tilts!  Woohoo!!

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