An old saw is new again

When my wife's father passed away, she became the owner of a lot of dirty, dusty and rusty farm tools. More than likely they belonged to her grandfather who owned a dairy farm in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Anyways, we have been carting these old tools around for the best of 16 years now and it dawned... Continue Reading →

The joy of a new rabbit!

Gotcha!  Rabbet not Rabbit!  Anyways, for the price of $6.50 I picked up an antique wooden rabbet plane from the UK.  I took it apart to clean it and sharpen the blade etc.  It's a simple but elegant design, simple blade, wooden wedge to keep in place after you set it to the depth of... Continue Reading →

Building a Dovetail plane Part I

One of the things I want to learn is how to make sliding dovetail joints.  They require two hand planes: 1) cuts the male portion of the dovetail while the 2) cuts the female portion of the dovetail.  In a japanese sliding dovetail the dovetail in the wood is tapering ever so slightly near the... Continue Reading →

Melting desk top?

Does this look like the wood is melting to you? It's just the camera angle but I didn't notice it until I made the background on my computer.

Back to the desk or Sanding the night away

When I picked up my wood for my desk, I bought slabs of Pistachio that had been cut with a chainsaw mill and air dried for several years.  Without a 48" wide planer there was much I could do other than sand down the wood.  I tried with my orbital sander but that was futile,... Continue Reading →

Time to build a sharpening station

Well at least a holder for my home made diamond sharpening plates.  Sticking with the idea of only using hand tools, I started roughing out the slots for the aluminum plates with the diamond sharpening plates attached.  Time to work on those mortising skills. First draw out the locations of the mortises. Then start chiseling... Continue Reading →

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