Back to the desk or Sanding the night away

When I picked up my wood for my desk, I bought slabs of Pistachio that had been cut with a chainsaw mill and air dried for several years.  Without a 48″ wide planer there was much I could do other than sand down the wood.  I tried with my orbital sander but that was futile, so I broke down and rented a belt sander from a hardware store for $24 for 24 hours.  Plus the cost of sandpaper since you have to supply your own.  So here is what the slabs looked like in the beginning.

So using my handy holdfast I started sanding.


And even with emptying the back often, the sawdust went everywhere.  At one point I realized that the zipper wasn’t fully closed so that added to dust storm!

Keep sanding…


Yeah one side done,. 5 more to go.


That’s a lot of sawdust and it is very fine and a mask was an absolute must!

2 hours in – the sander needs a break

Back to it

And we are done!!  Looks better no?


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