The joy of a new rabbit!

Gotcha!  Rabbet not Rabbit!  Anyways, for the price of $6.50 I picked up an antique wooden rabbet plane from the UK.  I took it apart to clean it and sharpen the blade etc.  It’s a simple but elegant design, simple blade, wooden wedge to keep in place after you set it to the depth of cut you want and the wood body.


The back of the blade wasn’t the best

The front was better and both needed a good sharpening and cleaning.

But once they were back together, was a plane.  (oh I did I mention that someone put a brass sole on the bottom of the plane?

Cuts beautifully, and now I know why the hole next to the blade is shaped like it is.  So the wood shavings curl up there and come out in a nice loop if you get the cutting correct.

There are much more expensive planes out there but not one better for $6.50 I reckon.

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