An old saw is new again

When my wife’s father passed away, she became the owner of a lot of dirty, dusty and rusty farm tools. More than likely they belonged to her grandfather who owned a dairy farm in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Anyways, we have been carting these old tools around for the best of 16 years now and it dawned on me the other day that I should look at the hand saws closer. Well, I am glad I did as they was a rip-cut and a crosscut saw from Disston and Sons. I decided to try and clean one up and see what happened as I would really like to put them back to work.

The first thing I did, was to remove the brass screws connecting the handle to the saw itself.


No big deal, other than the decades of dirt made getting the screws out more difficult than it should have been.

Once out, I cleaned up the handle by sanding down the old finish and trying to get back to the original wood as much as possible.

I left the original finish inside the handle and thumb hole as it looked to be in better shape than the other finish.  Then I tackled the brass screws and the makers medallion.

Original condition of the screws and medallion.

After cleaning with “Bar Keepers Friend” they looked as good as new.  Next I tackled the grime and minimal rust on the blade and reassembled the saw.

The saw on the top is the same condition as the rip saw saw that I cleaned and is now shown on the bottom.    Closeup of the newly cleaned saw.



not bad!!  Now to clean up the cross cut saw and then learn how to sharpen them.

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