Making a straight edge out of Sapele wood

Really, you ask?  Why would you make a straightedge out of wood when you can buy a metal one at a big box store.  Tsk, Tsk the man has lost it you say. Actually, just like winding sticks are something you should build yourself and not buy, building your own wooden straightedge has some advantages... Continue Reading →

Fixing an ancient Japanese Sumitsubo (part 1)

I was fortunate enough to find an old, antique, rare or ancient (pick your definition of old) sumitsubo on ebay from a seller in Japan.  You can buy new ones in wood from several places in the US, Canada , England, Germany and probably most industrialized countries as japanese woodworking techniques have become popular outside... Continue Reading →

Japanese Hammers need a new handle (update)

Remember this picture from the post on the new handles for my japanese hammers that I needed to make? If you look at the hammer on the right and specifically the area where the hammer head meets the handle, you will see a space on both sides of the handle.  Not good.  It's been bothering... Continue Reading →

The making of a Monster Molding Plane

I came across another cool video and a blog called the Wood and Shop. unknown to me until this morning.  One of the article I came across that peaked my interest contained a video about a woodworker creating a monster plane. It's about Frank Klausz is a retired cabinet maker in New Jersey who was... Continue Reading →

Home made Beeswax Furniture Polish

Found this great site that has an article and video on how to make a Beeswax, Boiled Linseed Oil and Turpentine Polish finish that is used by some of the best antique refinishers in the country.  In the video below  Don Williams (retired Senior Furniture Conservator at the Smithsonian Institution) explains how to make and... Continue Reading →

Tool cabinet thoughts or how not to make one that is too big

One of the things I am struggling with is the size of the tool cabinet that I want to build.  In looking at the layout of some of the hand tools on the 2 plywood sheets in the previous post, it seems like they are way to tall even if they are supposed to be... Continue Reading →

An ingenious use for an old wine case. is one of favorite websites and there is no end of amazing projects from woodworkers worldwide.  One project that caught my eye was an ingenious use of old wooden wine cases.    The link after the photo below (showing the author placing some planes in a case to determine placement) takes you to the... Continue Reading →

A Japanese Woodworking Hammer needs a handle

Oddly, enough you can buy Japanese woodworking hammers without handles.  Not sure why, but I bought two hammer heads recently and needed to create some handles.  I started with an oak dowel that I bought at Home Depot by cutting it roughly in half.  (the roughly was due to my cutting skill with a hand... Continue Reading →

Winding Sticks

I finally got around to making a set of winding sticks.  Winding sticks are defined as: "In woodworking and carpentry, a pair of winding sticks is a tool that aids in viewing twist or wind in pieces of lumber (timber) by amplifying the defect.Winding sticks can be as simple as any two straight sticks or they can be elegant, decorated, dimensionally stable... Continue Reading →

Starting a new project, a Tool Cabinet

Finally it is time to start planning and building the tool cabinet, as part of this process I laid out my hand tools on two pieces of plywood. I kept the japanese hand tools on one 4x8 sheet and western chisels, rasps, scrapers and lathe gouges on the other 4x8 sheet. (See below): Not sure... Continue Reading →

Oscar the Plane

Perusing eBay the other day I came across a wooden plane.  I'm not sure if it is written on the side or carved, by the name "Oscar" is displayed.  The shape of the plane is also interesting because when you look at it from the side it almost looks like a submarine. Ok maybe it... Continue Reading →

New rabbet plane

  I decided to try and make my own copy of a antique rabbet plane that I have. The thought being that understanding how they are made might make be more appreciative of how they work. So I started by carving out the mouth and mortised the channel for the blade to go through.  The... Continue Reading →

Woodworking Hand Router (Part 3)

Taking up where I left off in part 2 of the Hand Router project it's now time to work on the construction of the blade, installing the blade in the router and trying it out.   First, I drilled a hole that runs vertically next to the large opening in the router base.  (Have to... Continue Reading →

Making a Wooden Hand Router (Part 2)

So now that I have decided to make a router plane, I thought I would share some of the photos of my progress. I picked a piece of walnut for the base and two cocobolo chisels handles that I had laying around. So far so good. (smile) Next, I placed the walnut in the vise... Continue Reading →

Making a wooden Hand Router (Part 1)

One of the tools I would love to have in my tool cabinet is a hand router.  Long before Porter Cable came on the scene with their mechanized marvels, carpenters and cabinet makers used a hand router.  Usually made of a hardwood, with a way to hold a vertical knife shaped like an L.  ... Continue Reading →

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