Making a wooden Hand Router (Part 1)

One of the tools I would love to have in my tool cabinet is a hand router.  Long before Porter Cable came on the scene with their mechanized marvels, carpenters and cabinet makers used a hand router.  Usually made of a hardwood, with a way to hold a vertical knife shaped like an L.   An example of an old german one is shown below:


The wedge holds the blade in place and a light tap can adjust or loosen the wedge to get the blade out.     Another example is called a ‘Widow’s Tooth’ and one is shown below:


Another example below:


This is a modern version created by a chap in Australia.

and finally one more.

Paul Sellers has come up with a “poor man’s router” which is a chisel put through a hole in a 2×4 that acts as a router plane.  I tried it but didn’t have much success, at any rate I decided to build my own using some of the photos above as inspiration.  More in Part two.

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