Making a Wooden Hand Router (Part 2)

So now that I have decided to make a router plane, I thought I would share some of the photos of my progress.

I picked a piece of walnut for the base and two cocobolo chisels handles that I had laying around. So far so good. (smile)

Next, I placed the walnut in the vise and started shaping with a hand plane.

Somewhere along the line when planing the base I decided that I would create a 2nd piece of wood and shape it and glue to the base in order to raise the height of the router body.

After rough shaping, I glued the two pieces together.

Below I started to chisel out the center hole. (Man this piece looks ugly.)


The chiseling by hand became a real chore so I gave in and found a hole bit that I could place in the drill press and fix the center hole.  Once I drilled out the center hole, I drilled two more holes for the inserts for the handles.  Another mistake,  I drilled the holes too big for the inserts so I had to epoxy the inserts into the base.

Closeup of screw insert, you can see the space between the walls of the hole and the sides of the insert which are meant to screw into the wood.

So, now I need to place the bolts in the handles so they can be screwed into the base.  The two handles are shown below with the holes drilled for the bolts.  (Note – I’m using a drill press vise that I got at the estate sale in a bucket of vises for $20!.)

With the screws installed also epoxied.

And finally the base and handles completed for the day.

More in part 3.



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