Woodworking Hand Router (Part 3)

Taking up where I left off in part 2 of the Hand Router project it’s now time to work on the construction of the blade, installing the blade in the router and trying it out.   First, I drilled a hole that runs vertically next to the large opening in the router base.  (Have to admit at this point I’m not really happy with the base, but I go on.

Now it’s time to chisel out a indent for a piece of brass to hold the iron in the body.

And the initial finished indent.

Next I drilled a hole from the back of the router body towards the front so I can insert the key bolt to hold the blade next to the body.  I used a wing-nut to tighten the key bolt against the blade so that it wouldn’t move when routing.

I took an old allen key and ground down the short end into a blade and sharpened it on the whetstones.

The blade after sharpening.


The finished product.


So did it work – nope.  The assembly to hold the allen key against the body doesn’t hold the blade tight enough and simple pressure on the bottom of the blade while routing pushes it up and away from the wood.  Which, lets face it is the exact opposite of what you want.  Time to rethink the holding mechanism and consider adding a depth stop as well.  I’ll put this one aside until I can come up with a better idea and a source for wavy washers.

Stay tuned.


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