New rabbet plane


I decided to try and make my own copy of a antique rabbet plane that I have. The thought being that understanding how they are made might make be more appreciative of how they work.

So I started by carving out the mouth and mortised the channel for the blade to go through.  The body is cherry and I glued an additional piece of sapele for the sole.  Thought process was the sapele is harder than cherry and would make a longer lasting sole.  I  used a scrap piece of sapele and planed it smooth after it was glued to the body.

This is the finished plane.

I made the wedge out of another scrap of sallee and it works well.

At the moment I’m using a blade from the original plane will make my own soon. I’m not happy with the laminated bottom of the plane so I am going to try a dovetail secured sole in prototype number 2. By the way it works great. Stay tuned for version 2.

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