Winding Sticks

I finally got around to making a set of winding sticks.  Winding sticks are defined as:

“In woodworking and carpentry, a pair of winding sticks is a tool that aids in viewing twist or wind in pieces of lumber (timber) by amplifying the defect.Winding sticks can be as simple as any two straight sticks or they can be elegant, decorated, dimensionally stable wood like mahogany.”

Below are a couple of photos of mine in progress starting with the finished product.  The main wood is Walnut, Canarywood for the large yellow dots and a paint brush handle for the dots.  (I might need to paint them white so they stand out more.)

Here I’m trying to put the hand cut/files mostly circle shape into the walnut body.  You can see the other circle piece with the pencil template on it the upper right corner.

These are the finished sticks, I was finishing them with basic tung oil but it must be a bad batch.  It wasn’t finishing well at all, so I sanded it off (twice) and then went to a simple coat of bowling alley wax.  Ironically the walnut pieces look so different (Dark vs light) but are from the same piece of wood.

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  1. Why paint the dots? I would take them out and replace them with a piece of ivory from an old piano key or something else. Seems like painting would cheapen the project?

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