Tool cabinet thoughts or how not to make one that is too big

One of the things I am struggling with is the size of the tool cabinet that I want to build.  In looking at the layout of some of the hand tools on the 2 plywood sheets in the previous post, it seems like they are way to tall even if they are supposed to be doors!

Seems like I might need to consider making the cabinet smaller.  Just looking at it now I wonder how I might reach the saws at the top of the right panel.  Consider the tool cabinet below:

Smaller and while it looks like it’s a tight fit, everything is in it’s place and organized.

The tool cabinet above is of russian origin and is also very organized.   I have more tools that probably will not fit in the cabinet, so the one below is closer to the tool quantity at least.

I like the organization, except for the drawers.  The issue there is that invariably items will get forgotten and ultimately lost because I don’t see them.  (I think that is how I ended up with 5 framing hammers!).  But, I admit having a few drawers for the misc stuff might not be a bad idea.

While this one seems to large its the price tag that scares me – $9000. Yikes

This one isn’t bad, I like how the saws and chisels are organized on the left door.  I don’t have that many planes so I could hang the Japanese planes there on the bottom row.


and finally Arthur Sorrill… Circa 1898 at the age of 19 built the one above. (wow!)

Obviously there are lots of designs and I’m going to have to keep pondering what to build.  But the current 3ft x 2ft doors have to go.

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