Fixing an ancient Japanese Sumitsubo (part 2)

Now that the repair on the crack in the Sumitsubo is complete, time to put it together and try it out.  Right?  Not so fast it turns out.   I pulled my supplies out to finish the task and discovered an issue.  I don’t speak or read japanese.  I don’t normally read directions (sometimes to my chagrin) but here I tried and there was no english translation.

ok the pictures seem easy.  1) take the big piece of silk fluff out and put into the two small bags.

Now what?  Oh, and I didn’t have my silk thread that I need to wind around the wheel.  Or am I supposed to spin my own.

The ink bottle wasn’t much more help either.

Good thing I know someone in Japan that speaks english.  Time to send an email to junji with some photos and if he can help me out.  (after he stops laughing)

More later.

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