What’s this? scotch mist?

“The man says, “Honey, we’re out of mayonnaise.”
Wife holds up full jar that was sitting right in front of him and says, “What’s this? Scotch mist?”

Anyways, I was reminded of that saying when I was searching for my electric drill in the garage.   I literally turned every drawer inside out, opened every box and then after sitting down to have a cup of tea; I spotted it.  Right in front of me partially covered by a rag, but not enough for it NOT to be noticeable.


Time to get the garage organized then.  A couple of weeks ago I stopped by a house near me that had a bunch of free wood by the curb.  I filled up the car with what looked to be old 2×6’s used as part of a utility trailer.  My thought is I can make some rough shelves to place on top of another tool chest as a place to put power hand tools away neatly.  Circular saw, jig saw, drills etc.  Or that is the idea.

The rough boards sitting on top of one of my the tool chests, one side is rough and weathered (the top of the trailer) and the bottom is dirty from all of the road grime.  Time to start making them usable.

The surface before I begin to plane it down.

Starting to see some wood now.

Two of the boards, planed on the edges and the back side and holes drilled for the dowels.  Two down, several more to  go.

Not bad right especially for free wood!

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