Recycling Craigslist Free Wood

On the 6th of August, I wrote a post entitled “Scotch Mist?” about attempting to use some “free wood” that I found on craigslist.  The idea was to recycle what is old into something new, not a new concept by any means.  After several days of painstaking work using only hand tools, I made the following set of shelves.

Not bad I suppose, power tools are on the bottom in their own compartments.  I carefully laid them out on the board for spacing before I hand cut the dados with chisels.

The old 2×6 pressure treated very aged lumber took the cherry minwax stain well, don’t you think?  Almost looks presentable.

I kept the wood rough and original on the outside as you can see above.  As a project to create some shelves in the garage to hold tools, it worked.  But I ended up throwing the rest of the wood away today simply because it is too hard to work with with hand tools.  As you can see above, lot’s of gnarly knots, cracks, fissures but thankfully nails.  Chiseling out dados was good practice and I would admit  I got better at it as I went on.

Was it worth it yes?  Would I use free wood for a project in the future?  Yes, but not old utility trailer pressure treated lumber.

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