An unknown makers side rebate plane – odd and cool simultaneously.

Rebate or Rabitt planes come in all different styles and sizes.  I created one earlier this summer based upon the traditional “side escarpment” design that allows the shavings to eject out the side of the plane body vs the top. (See below)

I still have alot to learn about plane making obviousl;y, but it works very well and that was the popint of makling it.  But interestingly, today on a tool dealers website I came across a rebate plane design that is completelty and I mean 100% in the other direction different.  The dealer describes it as such:

“A superb side rebate plane, with a gunmetal frame, Cuban mahogany body, and boxwood wedge. I have seen a few of these planes and I believe that they were probably professionally made in London. The quality is absolutely top notch, “London Made” quality. This one is from an old London collection and is in lovely untouched condition, like it was just lifted from a tool box. The gunmetal has a lovely patina, as does the boxwood wedge. The mahogany has that lovely color and figure that only the very best mahogany has. This is a connoisseur’s plane all the way. G++ $429″

Who knew a rebate plane could lay on it’s side but with the iron vertical albeit at a steep angle.  This is a plane I could really enjoy making considering the dealer wants $429 for it and unless I make it I won’t have one in my tool chest.   I wonder what thought process the plane maker went through to come up with design?

Brilliant don’t you think?

Definately add this plane to the build list, I mean “wish list”.


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