Other British Rebate plane examples



Another interesting plane for sale listing.

A relatively early dovetailed wrought iron rebate plane. This is the unusual style where the wedge is cut into one piece of infill, rather than being as wide as the infill. That must have been much harder to do, and is quite unusual. I have seen a few Robert Towell planes with this feature, but I don’t know for sure who made this plane. I presume that it is London made and first half of the 19th Century. The Ward iron retains about 35-40%. The wedge is a little battered on the lower edge of the finial. It has a nice tight mouth and would be a great user that was probably once making fine London quality furniture. 9″ long and just over 3/4″ wide. G+ $249


Beautiful example above – nice design a little different than the norm.  Some more pics below:


Tight mouth


and apart

Very fine example of a infill rebate plane from the 19th century.  One wonders what furniture bear it’s marks where it is now.

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