Starting the Tool Cabinet build finally…

My son wants to be an engineer, and I am always telling him to draw out what he has in his head to help clarify his idea etc.   Now I wouldn’t be a good father if I didn’t practice what I preach correct?    So, after ruminating about what I wanted to create in a tool cabinet for several months.    I sat down and followed my own advice and create some rough drawings in Visio which turned out to be very helpful in clearing up what I thought I wanted.   I created two “blueprint style” drawings on two pages.   The first page shows the front of the cabinet and the inside of the cabinet. See below:

The next photo zooms in on the right hand side of the drawing to show the inside of the cabinet.

I zoomed in to show some of the layout and measurements.  The letters reference the legend to the right and reflect what tool is designated for that spot.

For example “R” on the drawing references the saw till and on the right under Saw Till are the individuals designated for that space.

The second page shows the inside of the cabinet doors.

It follows the similar arrangement on page one where it shows a place on the door for an item or group of items with a letter designation referred to on the right.  The right door will be predominantly japanese planes and chisels.    My wife took a look at the drawings and said “that will keep you busy for awhile.”.  That is the understatement of the year.

Tomorrow the wood cutting begins.

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