Starting on the desktop

I started working on the first of two live edge Chinese Pistache (Pistachia Chinensis) slabs that will be the 8ft x 3ft desktop for my office.  While I like the bark on the live edge, I don't like it enough to keep it on the front edge of the desktop.  Instead of cutting it off... Continue Reading →

Building a Krenov Hand Plane with Gerd Fristsche

When roaming the web looking for information on James Krenov, I came across a blog with a post detailing how to create a Krenov style smoothing plane.  There are multiple blogs, magazine articles and youtube videos showing how to create a Krenov Plane; indeed Krenov himself shows you how in his own books. However, a... Continue Reading →

Old tools in an old barn

I visited a cousin in Virginia over Thanksgiving who lives in the Virginia countryside outside of Richmond.  She lives on several acres with some seriously large trees and a small horse barn.  In the barn there were some old tools and I took the time to take some photos of them in situ, they look... Continue Reading →

Making a repair on an 18th Century wooden scrub plane

A few months ago, I acquired a small batch of wooden woodworking planes from a seller in Michigan.  The price was right but when I received them 4 of them needed repair.  The seller didn't disclose that bt he did refund my money for those planes so the deal worked out.  Good to know there... Continue Reading →

Time to get organized

It's funny how your progress on a task is directly related to your ability to find your tools.   Working on my tool cabinet was getting harder than it already was because I couldn't find anything.  So, out of frustration, I slapped up some plywood on one of the walls in the garage and started getting... Continue Reading →

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