Time to get organized

It’s funny how your progress on a task is directly related to your ability to find your tools.   Working on my tool cabinet was getting harder than it already was because I couldn’t find anything.  So, out of frustration, I slapped up some plywood on one of the walls in the garage and started getting organized.  Below are some photos of my effort to date.

I tried to organize the tools by function and there is a mix of eastern and western hand tools.   To the left are all of the saw blades I have; which is more than I need for the next 10 years at least.  Some Kannas are next to them and directly below are my hand files and rasps.

I found myself moving things around as I discovered I couldn’t lift a chisel out of the holder because someone above it was too close etc.  Thus lots of little groups of chisels.  Two different t-squares are shown (one modern a machinist’s square and the other is early 20th century english.), I also have 8 sashigane that I bought from a fellow woodworker that I need to figure out how to hang them.

I also built a new base for my diamond sharpening plates.  Used two different colour water based stains (Maple and Express Red) and was able to come up with a nice dark cherry look that I then applied polyurethane to.  Some more chisels above and two sharpening steels and two cabinet scrapers.

Finally found a way to hang my japanese saws so that I could see them and get the one I wanted quickly.  Same finish as the sharpening plate holder w/o the polyurethane.

My  marking gauge collection with a sumitsubo thrown in for good measure.

And finally my hammers and mallets, western and eastern.   I’ll cover the hand planes later as I many more to organize first.   Lot’s more tools to organize, but getting closer.  I find now that I can see what I have, I’m less likely to buy another and I’m putting the tools back at the end of the day.  Let’s see how long that lasts.

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