Making a repair on an 18th Century wooden scrub plane

A few months ago, I acquired a small batch of wooden woodworking planes from a seller in Michigan.  The price was right but when I received them 4 of them needed repair.  The seller didn’t disclose that bt he did refund my money for those planes so the deal worked out.  Good to know there are still reputable and honest sellers in the online forums (these weren’t bought through an auction site).     tried out a scrub plane and it worked perfectly but had a crack in the body.  So I made the decision to attempt to repair the 4 planes and decided to start with the scrub plane as it appeared to be the easiest to correct or I thought.  Pictured below are a few pictures of the plane before I got to it with a saw.



After cleaning the plan with some mineral spirits and 0000 steel wool, I found a rough repair of the crack in the body.

The crack is pretty pronounced which explains the repair using a hand cut nail.  At this point I decided to attempt a repair, I paid $5 for the plane so I wasn’t worried about a substantial financial loss if I messed it up to much.  And scrub planes like this are readily available from a number of online sources.


Showing the plan after I removed (carefully) the handle notice the recess in the plane for the handle.


The handle after it was removed.


The handle sitting in the recess, showing how much wood I need to replace.  At this point I got the bright idea of making a dovetail in the body and having it sit between the plane body and the handle.


As I started the dovetail, the wood cracked!  Now I really have an issue.  Now I’m going to reach out to the folks in the Facebook group “Rhykenology: The Study Of Wooden Planes and see what they suggest. I’m pretty sure the wood used for the body of the plane is Boxwood but I could be wrong. I’m sure they can help me with identifying that as well.

Still learning in Round Rock.



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