Building a Krenov Hand Plane with Gerd Fristsche

When roaming the web looking for information on James Krenov, I came across a blog with a post detailing how to create a Krenov style smoothing plane.  There are multiple blogs, magazine articles and youtube videos showing how to create a Krenov Plane; indeed Krenov himself shows you how in his own books.

However, a blog titled “Gerd Fristsche’s Traditional Handplanes Blog” has an excellent post outlining the process step by step.  He starts with the initial wood block shown below:

and finishes with the finished plane.

Gert’s blog is well worth the visit and I recommend it.  One of these years after I get through understanding the capabilities of the wooden planes that I already have, I will build one.  For now I will just admire the simplicity of construction.



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