New batch of Victorian Moulding Planes from England 18th Century

I just received a new batch of Victorian molding planes from the 18th century and there are 27 in total.   I’ve put some photos together to show the entire set and then groups of them to show the bottoms of the planes.  The description on the auction site was rather vague but the price was right so why not (even though shipping 13kg from the UK wasn’t cheap).  But I have found that even with shipping,  wooden moulding planes are less expensive to purchase in the UK then buying them in the US oddly enough.

“On offer is a collection of 27 moulding planes which I believe to be Victorian, 23 of them have blades and the four which are in the last two photos do not. Please study the photos as they obviously form part of the description with regard to condition and age. This lot will weigh 13kg when packed so this is strictly a UK only auction.”

Note the seller didn’t list the planes so they could be sold to someone outside of the UK, but I managed to get the seller to allow me to bid from the US and won the auction.  The photos are below:

Now I have to go through them one at a time and sharpen the ieons

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