Building a Krenov Hand Plane with Gerd Fristsche

When roaming the web looking for information on James Krenov, I came across a blog with a post detailing how to create a Krenov style smoothing plane.  There are multiple blogs, magazine articles and youtube videos showing how to create a Krenov Plane; indeed Krenov himself shows you how in his own books. However, a... Continue Reading →

Making a repair on an 18th Century wooden scrub plane

A few months ago, I acquired a small batch of wooden woodworking planes from a seller in Michigan.  The price was right but when I received them 4 of them needed repair.  The seller didn't disclose that bt he did refund my money for those planes so the deal worked out.  Good to know there... Continue Reading →

Making a straight edge out of Sapele wood

Really, you ask?  Why would you make a straightedge out of wood when you can buy a metal one at a big box store.  Tsk, Tsk the man has lost it you say. Actually, just like winding sticks are something you should build yourself and not buy, building your own wooden straightedge has some advantages... Continue Reading →

Starting a new project, a Tool Cabinet

Finally it is time to start planning and building the tool cabinet, as part of this process I laid out my hand tools on two pieces of plywood. I kept the japanese hand tools on one 4x8 sheet and western chisels, rasps, scrapers and lathe gouges on the other 4x8 sheet. (See below): Not sure... Continue Reading →

Making Mallets

Well actually, it is a making a mallet to be precise.  As part of my journey into using hand tools - I decided to make my own joiners mallet.  The english joiners mallet that Paul Sellers teaches you how to make became my inspiration.  While mine is not an exact replica of his it is... Continue Reading →

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