Starting on the desktop

I started working on the first of two live edge Chinese Pistache (Pistachia Chinensis) slabs that will be the 8ft x 3ft desktop for my office.  While I like the bark on the live edge, I don't like it enough to keep it on the front edge of the desktop.  Instead of cutting it off… Continue reading Starting on the desktop

Starting the Tool Cabinet build finally…

My son wants to be an engineer, and I am always telling him to draw out what he has in his head to help clarify his idea etc.   Now I wouldn't be a good father if I didn't practice what I preach correct?    So, after ruminating about what I wanted to create in a… Continue reading Starting the Tool Cabinet build finally…

Building a kerf plane

I need to rip vertically a large number of Cherry boards and don't own a bandsaw or can I afford one.  So after some research, I determined that I could make a kerf plane and a frame saw which would allow me to accomplish the task.  Of course that would mean lot's of manually sawing… Continue reading Building a kerf plane

Recycling Craigslist Free Wood

On the 6th of August, I wrote a post entitled "Scotch Mist?" about attempting to use some "free wood" that I found on craigslist.  The idea was to recycle what is old into something new, not a new concept by any means.  After several days of painstaking work using only hand tools, I made the… Continue reading Recycling Craigslist Free Wood

What’s this? scotch mist?

"The man says, "Honey, we're out of mayonnaise." Wife holds up full jar that was sitting right in front of him and says, "What's this? Scotch mist?" Anyways, I was reminded of that saying when I was searching for my electric drill in the garage.   I literally turned every drawer inside out, opened every… Continue reading What’s this? scotch mist?

Woodworking Hand Router (Part 3)

Taking up where I left off in part 2 of the Hand Router project it's now time to work on the construction of the blade, installing the blade in the router and trying it out.   First, I drilled a hole that runs vertically next to the large opening in the router base.  (Have to… Continue reading Woodworking Hand Router (Part 3)

Making a Wooden Hand Router (Part 2)

So now that I have decided to make a router plane, I thought I would share some of the photos of my progress. I picked a piece of walnut for the base and two cocobolo chisels handles that I had laying around. So far so good. (smile) Next, I placed the walnut in the vise… Continue reading Making a Wooden Hand Router (Part 2)

Building a Dovetail plane Part I

One of the things I want to learn is how to make sliding dovetail joints.  They require two hand planes: 1) cuts the male portion of the dovetail while the 2) cuts the female portion of the dovetail.  In a japanese sliding dovetail the dovetail in the wood is tapering ever so slightly near the… Continue reading Building a Dovetail plane Part I

Melting desk top?

Does this look like the wood is melting to you? It's just the camera angle but I didn't notice it until I made the background on my computer.

Back to the desk or Sanding the night away

When I picked up my wood for my desk, I bought slabs of Pistachio that had been cut with a chainsaw mill and air dried for several years.  Without a 48" wide planer there was much I could do other than sand down the wood.  I tried with my orbital sander but that was futile,… Continue reading Back to the desk or Sanding the night away

It’s Alive!!

Ok the workbench is alive, finally!  Here it is in all it's glory. Yes, I added casters to the bottom of the legs.  They help move it around and you can lift them up when you don't want the bench to move.  Pretty handy and worth doing.  It's done!!!!

Progress on the workbench

The workbench is coming along, but I must admit it was harder to build one without a workbench. I haven't attached the aprons or top to the base yet, just clamping it up to see how it fits.  Lot's of room for improvement. Do you see the oak mallet in the middle of the well?… Continue reading Progress on the workbench

Sawdust everywhere!

I started working on milling the wood from the big box store for the legs, top and aprons. I hate the fact that 2x4s, 2x6's and 2x8s come with a 1/8" radii on the edges.  But that is what I get for buying construction lumber.  Rumour is that the rounded edges are to cut down… Continue reading Sawdust everywhere!

It started with a need for a desk

All I wanted was a desk for my office, just a desk.  Instead I needed up going down a new path towards woodworking the old fashioned way with only hand tools.  Huh? Let me explain, I currently use an old parsons table (very old) as a desk in my office at home.  It's long and… Continue reading It started with a need for a desk