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In my travels down the woodworking path it is inevitable you will run into other woodworkers.  Here in Central, Texas there is a large concentration of wood turners and guys with a lot of power tools.  However, if you take a journey through the google time portal you will come across blogs, websites, storefronts or youtube channels with ton’s of videos of fellow woodworkers.

One could say that there is a “plethora” or ‘tsunami” of woodworking material on the web, powered by machine or hand or both.  As a newer woodworker it can become tiring, literally slogging through the wannabee internet entrepreneurs (some ripping off the ideas from videos and projects from other established woodworkers) and just well crap.  Occasionally, a really cool site pops up in your browser that is like opening a door to an old work shop reborn.  You end up book marking the site and going back to it,

  1. either for inspiration,
  2. a kick in the pants (motivation) or
  3. to just enjoy the craftsmanship of others and enjoy their success.  

Listed below are some of the sites that I think are worth visiting if you haven’t already.  I don’t know any of these gentleman personally but like their work well enough to keep up with their posts and propose them to you.


Paul Sellers  

I found Mr. Sellers on Youtube initially jand really like his almost grandfatherly tone as he walks through all kinds of tasks which he has being on the net for at least 5 years and as furniture maker for 50yrs starting as an apprentice.    he has published books, DVDs, online classes the lot.  But he has TONS of free material that is actually worth watching and reading.  He might not be your cuppa but he definitely mine.   I’ve built a workbench, joiners mallet, straightedge and winding sticks from watching his videos. Highly Recommended.


Wilbur Pan (giant Cypress)

If you have any interest in Japanese Tools than a stop or layover at Wilbur Pans site ‘Giant Cypress’ is a must.  If you click on the About option in the menu this is what comes up.

“Wilbur Pan lives in New Jersey, and is responsible for what goes on here.  This is mainly about Japanese woodworking tools and other wooddorking things.  Plus stupid jokes.”

Wilbur apparently has been posting on his site from February 2010 – lots of info, stories and yes Jokes.  Highly Recommended if your interests lie in tools of the Orient.


More to come



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