Starting on the desktop

I started working on the first of two live edge Chinese Pistache (Pistachia Chinensis) slabs that will be the 8ft x 3ft desktop for my office.  While I like the bark on the live edge, I don't like it enough to keep it on the front edge of the desktop.  Instead of cutting it off... Continue Reading →

Melting desk top?

Does this look like the wood is melting to you? It's just the camera angle but I didn't notice it until I made the background on my computer.

Back to the desk or Sanding the night away

When I picked up my wood for my desk, I bought slabs of Pistachio that had been cut with a chainsaw mill and air dried for several years.  Without a 48" wide planer there was much I could do other than sand down the wood.  I tried with my orbital sander but that was futile,... Continue Reading →

It started with a need for a desk

All I wanted was a desk for my office, just a desk.  Instead I needed up going down a new path towards woodworking the old fashioned way with only hand tools.  Huh? Let me explain, I currently use an old parsons table (very old) as a desk in my office at home.  It's long and... Continue Reading →

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