Old tools in an old barn

I visited a cousin in Virginia over Thanksgiving who lives in the Virginia countryside outside of Richmond.  She lives on several acres with some seriously large trees and a small horse barn.  In the barn there were some old tools and I took the time to take some photos of them in situ, they look… Continue reading Old tools in an old barn

Making a repair on an 18th Century wooden scrub plane

A few months ago, I acquired a small batch of wooden woodworking planes from a seller in Michigan.  The price was right but when I received them 4 of them needed repair.  The seller didn't disclose that bt he did refund my money for those planes so the deal worked out.  Good to know there… Continue reading Making a repair on an 18th Century wooden scrub plane

Time to get organized

It's funny how your progress on a task is directly related to your ability to find your tools.   Working on my tool cabinet was getting harder than it already was because I couldn't find anything.  So, out of frustration, I slapped up some plywood on one of the walls in the garage and started getting… Continue reading Time to get organized

Starting the Tool Cabinet build finally…

My son wants to be an engineer, and I am always telling him to draw out what he has in his head to help clarify his idea etc.   Now I wouldn't be a good father if I didn't practice what I preach correct?    So, after ruminating about what I wanted to create in a… Continue reading Starting the Tool Cabinet build finally…

Building a kerf plane

I need to rip vertically a large number of Cherry boards and don't own a bandsaw or can I afford one.  So after some research, I determined that I could make a kerf plane and a frame saw which would allow me to accomplish the task.  Of course that would mean lot's of manually sawing… Continue reading Building a kerf plane

Winding Sticks

I finally got around to making a set of winding sticks.  Winding sticks are defined as: "In woodworking and carpentry, a pair of winding sticks is a tool that aids in viewing twist or wind in pieces of lumber (timber) by amplifying the defect.Winding sticks can be as simple as any two straight sticks or they can be elegant, decorated, dimensionally stable… Continue reading Winding Sticks

New rabbet plane

  I decided to try and make my own copy of a antique rabbet plane that I have. The thought being that understanding how they are made might make be more appreciative of how they work. So I started by carving out the mouth and mortised the channel for the blade to go through.  The… Continue reading New rabbet plane

Making Mallets

Well actually, it is a making a mallet to be precise.  As part of my journey into using hand tools - I decided to make my own joiners mallet.  The english joiners mallet that Paul Sellers teaches you how to make became my inspiration.  While mine is not an exact replica of his it is… Continue reading Making Mallets