A First pattern Mathieson panel plane – is it worth $4895?

    From an auction site comes this listing: BM150255 Mathieson, Glasgow A rare and important first pattern Mathieson panel plane. These early Mathieson infill planes are still a bit of a mystery to collectors. It is know that later Mathieson outsourced production, primarily to Norris, but little is know about these planes. Literally only a... Continue Reading →

Melhuish Spiers made Gunmetal Shoulder Plane

Melhuish, London (Spiers) A very scarce Spiers made gunmetal shoulder plane. This is marked for the London retailer, Melhuish, but is a Spiers 1 1/2" wide gunmetal shoulder plane. Spiers gunmetal shoulder planes are very scarce by any measure. The dovetailed variety typically sell for much more, but the cast type, like this one, are... Continue Reading →

Fancy a pre-War Norris of London A1 Plane for $1300 give or take a bob?

The ebay listing shouts " Norris of London A1 Dovetailed Pre-War Panel Plane - 1913 Adjuster!" with the accompanying text: "A 13 1/2" NORRIS A1 DOVETAILED STEEL PANEL PLANE WITH 1913 ADJUSTER. GOOD STEEL BODY AND ROSEWOOD INFILL, NO CRACKS IN TOTE. VERY FINE MOUTH. ORIGINAL 2 1/2" NORRIS LONDON IRON (APPROX 1" REMAINS) AND NORRIS... Continue Reading →

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