Time to get organized

It's funny how your progress on a task is directly related to your ability to find your tools.   Working on my tool cabinet was getting harder than it already was because I couldn't find anything.  So, out of frustration, I slapped up some plywood on one of the walls in the garage and started getting... Continue Reading →

Building a kerf plane

I need to rip vertically a large number of Cherry boards and don't own a bandsaw or can I afford one.  So after some research, I determined that I could make a kerf plane and a frame saw which would allow me to accomplish the task.  Of course that would mean lot's of manually sawing... Continue Reading →

Back to the Hammer? or 3 Hammers and a Mallet?

(UPDATE) - the new handles look great, feel great in the hand and have a more solid feel.  Third time is the charm in this case. They say things happen in three's or is that bad things happen in 3's??  Anyways, this is my 3rd attempt at handles for my Japanese hammers.  I have three... Continue Reading →

Update on the Sumitsubo

Turns out the description on the back of the ink bottle is actually what it shows. Instead of putting a big wad of silk fluff into the basin in the body, you are supposed to stuff the fluff equally between the two bags in the box and place that in the basin.  Like this: except... Continue Reading →

Fixing an ancient Japanese Sumitsubo (part 1)

I was fortunate enough to find an old, antique, rare or ancient (pick your definition of old) sumitsubo on ebay from a seller in Japan.  You can buy new ones in wood from several places in the US, Canada , England, Germany and probably most industrialized countries as japanese woodworking techniques have become popular outside... Continue Reading →

Japanese Hammers need a new handle (update)

Remember this picture from the post on the new handles for my japanese hammers that I needed to make? If you look at the hammer on the right and specifically the area where the hammer head meets the handle, you will see a space on both sides of the handle.  Not good.  It's been bothering... Continue Reading →

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